Is any experience required?

Experience is not necessary, but it is preferred. With a variety of projects and tasks, we are interested in candidates with different levels of experience.

We of various forms of working (internship/apprenticeship contract, employment contract, specific task contracts, etc.). It is a matter of individual arrangements between the parties.

Yes, it is possible for some job positions; frequency and working hours are according to individual arrangements.

For selected job positions, adaption is possible to individual requirements. It is a matter of individual arrangements between the parties.

Only if both parties are particularly interested.

Yes. Mainly based on tripartite agreements between the interested party (student), the operator (university) and the employer (LASKA), and depending on current capabilities and needs.

You will become acquainted with the Organization and its rules, undergo on-the-job training and get to know the team you will join. We have an introduction program for this purpose, allowing us to introduce you optimally to your new workplace.

Depending on the job needs, but at least B1, where:


B1 - Intermediate

B2 - Upper-Intermediate


C1 - Advanced

C2 - Proficient

Yes. Their frequency may vary, depending on the job.

Yes. This takes place under the contracts and agreements concluded between the parties. Several of our employees have prepared or are preparing theses based on LASKA products/projects.

Yes. This requires individual arrangements.

  • focus on development,
  • self-improvement,
  • pro-activity,
  • commitment,
  • ability to work in a team,
  • self-reliance and ability to solve engineering issues,
  • openness and creativity,
  • willingness to change the world for the better,
  • interest in new technologies.

Yes, 3rd year of studies and above. Technical universities are preferred, with a specialisation related to the job applied for, especially the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Computer Science, Mechatronics, and Electrical Engineering.

Basic and well-established engineering knowledge in the field in which the candidate will work. Self-reliance and problem-solving attitude. Engineering approach to issues. Commitment to tasks, openness and unconventional thinking.

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