Resistance welding


Our offer includes quick-wear parts for welding torches of most reputable manufacturers.

Contact tips


Contact tips

The contact tips, and in particular the contact tips for continuous operation on robotic lines, are normally made of CuCr1Zr.
In particularly difficult working conditions, contact tips made of composite material are used, in which the core is dispersion-hardened Cu, surrounded by electrolytic copper. The tips made of composite material are characterized by high abrasion resistance and a high softening point. They are recommended for use where there is high temperature and high welding current.
We also offer contact tips in a special design, i.e. with a chrome or silver coating. This coating greatly reduces spatter adhesion.

Other consumable parts


Other consumable parts

To supplement our range, we offer a number of consumable parts for welding torches, like:
- gas nozzles
- gas diffusers
- insulators
- mounting rings, etc.

At the client's request, we also regenerate welding torches and connection packages for robotic lines.