Piston rings

Piston rings

Our company is an authorized representative on Polish and Russian market of the world leader in production of piston rings Federal Mogul GOETZE. GOETZE piston rings guarantee reliable operation and above average durability. They reduce repair costs and extend engine service intervals.


Piston rings separate the combustion chamber from the cylinder crankcase. They prevent entering exhaust gases to crankcase and lubricating oil from the crankcase to the combustion chamber. Additionally piston rings dissipate heat from the piston to the cylinder and ensure preparation of the oil film.


Our offer includes entire portfolio of rings with diameters from 16 to 1100 mm used in engines:
- diesel engines for ships
- diesel engines operating in power generators
- diesel locomotives
The rings can work in two-stroke and four-stroke engines.


A wide range of base materials and coatings (CKS, plasma, PVD) guarantees that our rings will meet the high requirements for engines. Many years of tradition, experienced engineering , production staff and very high requirements at the quality control stage make GOETZE piston rings guarantee full reliability and failure-free operation.