Resistance welding


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Design service


Design service

Technical documentation and inventory of parts 

We provide custom-made documentation of existing details and entire tools as well as various types of design and engineering services, such as:

- Complete 3D and 2D projects
- Preparation of drawing and technical documentation
- Inventory of production lines in terms of wearing parts
- Measurement of parts on site
- Replacing wear parts from materials, such as:
copper, brass, aluminum, steel, ceramics, plastics and many more
- Precise measurements on the ZEISS CONTURA G2 coordinate measuring machine with a protocol.

Material cutting


Material cutting

Cutting the material:
At the customer's request, we cut the material according to the specification (quantity and size) sent.
Maximum cutting at an angle of 90 degrees:
- cutting diameter 260 [mm]
- dimensions 220x350 [mm]

Electrode holders regeneration


Electrode holders regeneration

At the client's request, we are able to regenerate electrode holders and arms consisting in replacement of worn contact elements, cleaning and general refreshment of the regenerated parts.

Warning! We do not regenerate cracked or broken holders. These types of parts must be produced new, because such damage disqualifies the part from further use and may pose a threat to the production line.